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About us

The Action Agenda Coordination Committee (ACT) helps with the implementation of the Action Agenda through the Network while monitoring the related activities that AEGEE local organise. Our goal is to educate the locals and their members on the importance of the Action Agenda and the Strategic Plan. To do that, each year, a new team works with the most recent Action Agenda, cooperating closely with all the locals and european bodies (meaning all committees, commissions, working groups, interest groups and projects) of the Network.

How can ACT help you implement the Action Agenda?


Live Meeting in Brussels, November 2016

Every ACT Member (ACTie) works with a part of the Network, like the members of the Network Commission. If you have any questions about the Action Agenda or you want to organize something related to it but you don’t know how, you can contact the ACT responsible of your local and ask anything!

ACT Local distribution

Each member of ACT is responsible for a different part of the Network. Here you can see the list of ACTies. You don’t know who your Netcom is? Click here.

  • Borja Torres Fuentes

ACTie responsible for the following locals:

A Coruña, Alicante, Barcelona, Bilbao, Burgos, Castelló, Las Palmas, León, Lisboa, Lyon, Madrid, Malaga, Oviedo, Paris, Porto-Invicta, Santander, Tarragona, Tenerife, Toulouse, Valencia, Valladolid, Vigo, Zaragoza

  • Constantine Bakiris

ACTie responsible for the following locals:

Banja Luka, Beograd, Cosenza, Kragujevac, Maribor, Niš, Novi Sad, Podgorica, Reggio Calabria, Sofia, Zadar, Zagreb

  • Cristina de la Parte

ACTie responsible for the following locals:

Bratislava, Brno, București, Budapest, Chişinău, Cluj-Napoca, Debrecen, Iaşi, Pécs, Ploiesti, Plzen, Praha, Sibiu, Skopje, Wien

  • Elena Efremova

ACTie responsible for the following locals:

Białystok, Dnipropetrovsk, Gdańsk, Gliwice, Ivano-Frankivs’k, Katowice, Kharkiv, Kraków, Kyiv, L’viv, Lublin, Odessa, Poznań, Toruń, Vinnytsia, Warszawa, Wrocław, Zielona Góra

  • Erifyli Evangelou

ACTie responsible for the following locals:

Ankara, Athina, Bakı, Çanakkale, Gəncə, Hatay, Heraklio, Ioannina, Istanbul, Izmir, Kastoria, Lənkəran, Mağusa, Naxçıvan, Pátra, Peiraiás, Sumqayit, Thessaloniki, Tiranë

  • Juragis Garcia Perez

ACTie responsible for the following locals:

Adana, Eskişehir, Gaziantep, Grodno, Moskva, Muğla, Rostov-na-Donu, Ryazan, Samara, Tbilisi, Tekirdağ, Tyumen, Voronezh, Yerevan

  • Marco Daniele

ACTie responsible for the following locals:

Agrigento, Bari, Bergamo, Bologna, Brescia, Cagliari, Catania, Ferrara, Firenze, Genova, Messina, Milano, Napoli, Padova, Palermo, Pisa, Roma, Salerno, Siena, Torino, Treviso, Udine, Valletta, Verona

  • Miljana Vulevic

ACTie responsible for the following locals:

Aachen, Bamberg, Darmstadt, Düsseldorf, Erfurt, Frankfurt am Main, Heidelberg, Kaiserslautern, Karlsruhe, Köln, Ljubljana, Maastricht, Mainz-Wiesbaden, Mannheim, München, Osnabrück, Passau, Stuttgart

  • Svenja van der Tol

ACTie responsible for the following locals:

Amsterdam, Brussel-Bruxelles, Delft, Eindhoven, Enschede, Groningen, Leiden, Leuven, Lille, Nijmegen, Tilburg, Utrecht

  • Theodora Giakoumelou

ACTie responsible for the following locals:

Aberdeen, Berlin, Canterbury, Dresden, Glasgow, Hamburg, Helsinki, Kaunas, London, Manchester, Minsk, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Rīga, Sankt-Peterburg, Tallinn, Tartu


So what are the essential documents I’m looking for?

Strategic Plan 2014-17_Updated2015-page-001


Strategic Plan

Every three years, AEGEE-Europe, together with its members, writes a Strategic Plan, defining the thematic focus areas AEGEE wants to work on and different organizational areas that need improvement.  For the upcoming three years, the focus areas are Spreading Europtimism, Youth Employment, Youth Mobility and Civic Education. The most recent Strategic Plan 2014 – 2017 can be found here.

For the Strategic Plan 2017-2020, which comes into effect from 1st August 2017, and has the focus areas Equal Rights, Civic Education, Youth Development and European Citizenship, click here (login required).



Action Agenda 2016-2017-page-001


Action Agenda

To put the thematic focus areas of the Strategic Plan into practice, each year a new Action Agenda is developed during the European Planning Meeting (EPM). In this Action Agenda, concrete, annual goals (objectives) are given for the aims of the focus areas to be worked. The Action Agenda for 2016-2017 can be found here.

The Action Agenda 2017-2018, which is the start of the new 3-year period and comes into effect from 1st August 2017, can be found here (login required).




Action Agenda guidelines 2016 - 2017-page-001


Action Agenda Guidelines

Each year, ACT creates the Action Agenda guidelines, which explain what the focus areas and their aims are while giving concrete examples of activities that can you can organize, although you’re also encouraged to come up with your own ideas. The Action Agenda Guidelines 2016-2017 can be found here.





Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us at act@aegee.org. Also, don’t forget to like our Facebook page to stay updated on our work and how you can implement the Action Agenda!